Tom’s musical background greatly influences his work. After graduating from Baldwin Wallace Music Conservatory in 1954 and playing the French Horn in the Cleveland Orchestra, Tom’s music career was altered by the Korean War. It was during the war that photography became a lifelong interest. 

Because of his love for music, Tom personally creates the sound tracks for each of his slide shows, giving them as much attention as his photography. Through computer technology, the beautiful photographs and captivating music are carefully blended to provide a flow and excitement not found in traditional slide shows.

Tom’s shows have been presented all over Northeast Ohio, including at the Cuyahoga Valley Photographic Society in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Rocky River Nature Center in Cleveland, Mill Creek Nature Center in Youngstown, and the Wilderness Center in Wilmont.


Cuyahoga Valley in Concert (55 minutes)
Constructed in a concert form with six movements, classical and popular music provide the background for intimate photographs of wildlife and wildflowers in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (51 minutes)
Tom has visited ANWR twice, traveling hundreds of miles by foot and river rafts to photograph this very special place.

Mist (54 minutes)
While visiting England’s Lake District National Park, Tom and Bertha Jones discovered that Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Lake District National Park have many similarities. The show begins in our misty, foggy Cuyahoga Valley featuring local wildlife, wildflowers, and historic structures and ends in England’s misty Lake District of old English gardens, farms, stonewalls, and historic castles.

The Pacific Northwest (58 minutes)
This production features the light houses of Oregon, Olympic National Park and Rain Forest, Mount Rainier National Park, and Seattle’s giant summer festival, Seafair.

The Bells of Santa Yenez (27 minutes) AND The Spirit of America (22 minutes)
Tom and Bertha Jones spent a winter photographing all of California’s missions. Covering about 600 miles of California scenery and three hundred years of California history, this show reveals the influence of European culture on our west coast a half century before the Pilgrims landed on the east coast.

A year after 9/11, Goodyear christened its newest blimp, The Spirit of America. For that celebration, Goodyear brought its entire blimp fleet to Akron. Tom spent one of the most enjoyable weeks of his photographic career chasing and photographing those four blimps all over northeast Ohio.